Ajanta Enterprises

4/13/02 This is a little store on University. Ajanta Enterprises. They sell books and little statues of Buddha and Ganesh. Me, being of 50% Japanese ancestory, I suppose I should be partial to the Buddha, though the Ganesh statues are cute also. Hehe. The guy there said they'd been in business for 30 years in this location. Their website is at
Ajanta Enterprises.
Really, it normally looks a little brighter in there, but my bad camera gives the place a bit of a spooky look. Like that shop in Gremlins. I like it.

I believe the same guys also run this real estate agency next door. In the 60s and 70s there were many businesses in Berkeley named COOP -- some connected to the old COOP supermarket. Here is Cooperative Realty.