Empty Storefronts

4/13/02 There are a few empty storefronts on University Ave. I don't know what's going on with the Sari Palace here. This is on the bottom floor of the UA housing building, and it hasn't been open for awhile. I believe there are racks of clothing in there, so maybe somebody's using this location for storage or something.

This was a computer store awhile back, but they've been closed for awhile. If I remember correctly, they were selling Taiwanese clone computers but at not such great prices. Look at the 'Get Warped' sign in the back. This is a bit of retro-computing history, since OS/2 Warp hasn't been supported for awhile.

Recently, Kragen Autoworks and Grand Auto merged. The Kragen store was closed -- look, you can see a homeless guy lying on the ground. On the right you can see that the shelves and stuff is still in there. This store had problems with the people in the apartment building next door -- who were also upset with the Drug store which was in this location originally. I don't know what was wrong with that drug store, but it was getting constant protests. I wish we had a drug store on University again. This would be a good location for one.