Strawberry Walk Building

4/13/02 This building on University Ave. used to be the COOP credit union. The COOP credit union survived the implosion of the COOP supermarket, and lived for awhile in this building at its original location across from the then empty market. The building was then empty for awhile, but was purchased and remodled a few years back. At one time MQ and I rented office space upstairs in this building, but we closed that business, and now I work from a unit in a nearby Duplex.

This restaurant used to be called Cafe Caracas, but they closed due to a fire and other problems a year back or so. I eat here every once in awhile I suggest the Prawn Taco with the soft shell, which I like. They do Mexican food the way I like, without all the sour cream and cheese that some places heap on. The original Caracas guys did a nice job of desiging the decor in this restaurant -- which you can see on the right.

This store used to be located near REI, but then relocated here. I think that might be Narain himself in the right picture there. They sell big sheets of material for making camping gear -- and some back packs and things.

Also here is one of the pager stores that have popped up all over the place. Strawberry Walk also has a hair salon too.