4/13/02 Here's a shot across the street of a Bicycle shop that moved in not too long ago. I haven't gone inside, since my bike is fine, and I don't need a new one. This was the 'brew your own beer' place for awhile, but I wasn't so interested in that, since I don't drink alcohol. Next door is the cake decorating store, which has been there, now, for a few years. I've been in there, and it is a very clean little shop that has all sorts of specialty baking stuff. Though I'm not much of a cook -- I'm kind of a boiled water and Microwave kind of person, so I haven't been to the cake shop that often.

4/13/02 I thought I'd record for posterity a circa 2002 bus sign. This is the sign by the Chevron station at University and Sacramento. All I know is that the 51's go down to the Marina or end down by Brenan's. I don't know where the 67 goes. Look at the sky, today was perfect weather.

4/13/02 This cement PGE utility cover will probably outlive us all, hehe. Anyway, it just struck my fancy and I snapped a picture of it. It's somewhere on University near the Futon shop.

In Berkeley these Futon shops popped up all over the place a few decades back. I imagine they are for students, who show up at Berkeley, and then realize at the last minute they'll need something to sleep on. This location used to be one of the original Byte shops, that is one of the early computer stores selling S100 bus computers. It later changed to selling Atari ST's. Last I heard the guy selling Atari ST's opened up a shop near Telegraph, but I think that might have closed. Not sure where he is now.
Next door is Mr. Rooter, who I have actually called to do unplugging of stuck drains. They're close so they can show up fast. They used to be Jevons plumbing -- I'm pretty sure it's the same owners.

4/13/02 A Karate/Kung-Fu place replaced the old billiard hall just a little while ago. I haven't been in there, since I'm not into the martial arts thing. Though I suppose it might be handy to be able to chop a piece plywood in half with my bare hands. That is if I couldn't find a saw. Hehe.