University/Sacramento 2

4/13/02 This is the Pomegranate restaurant. Middle-eastern food. I've never eaten here. This was a restaurant connected to the old Living Foods store, but that closed long ago. And the building was empty for awhile.

4/13/02 This building has a computer store, a repair shop and a little Thai market. This market used to be over in the Fox Court building, but they moved here, probably because of better visibility, and better parking. I've just poked around the market, and the computer store, but I have done some business with the repair guy here. We usually take our dead monitors to him -- to see if he can fix them. Mainly because he's close.

4/13/02 This is the Salvation Army building. The main entrance is on Sacramento, but the compound takes up quite a bit of space along University Ave. I believe that this used to be the old site of Berkelely City Hall long ago, since I saw a picture of them moving the building up the street near the beginning of the century. I've only been in here a few times during voting, when they held the voting in this building.

4/13/02 Here is Bankgkok Thai Cuisine. It replaced the Won Thai Cuisine which moved up to Rodeo, and where I still go on occasion with friends who live in Rodeo. Prior to being Won Thai, this was the Mother India restaurant -- though I'm not so fond of Indian food, so I didn't go there often. Prior to that, back in the early 80's this was a Chinese restaurant.
I get food from the Bangkok Thai Cuisine quite often. For me, they're close and they do food to pick up, which I like. I recommend the Chicken Cashew Nuts.

4/13/02 This is Wild Oats. A market that sells organic produce and vitamins. Awhile back this was Living Foods, a similar kind of store, and before that this location was the COOP natural food store. So, there's a long tradition of organic produce being sold at this spot. I pop by here every once in awhile to pick up food, though they don't have Pepsi Colas another, insufficiently healthy items, which I suppose I do eat.
There are a lot of beggars who hang out near this store. I suspect they figure the 'Berkeley organic wheat germ types' to be good for a handout, from time to time.