Video Maniacs

4/13/02 Video Maniacs is located on the Southwest corner of University and Sacramento.

On the left is their storefront and parking lot, and to the right is a closeup of the video drop box. This location, long ago, was the COOP gas station. Then, the site was remodled for a bank, back during the 80's bank explosion. Where there were two banks on every block. It's been Video Maniacs for awhile. MQ and I tend to prefer Five Star, though we go here sometimes, when we're looking for DVD's. Really, we have a lot of competition for video rental around here. They have a better Japanimation selection here, than at Five Star. Also, Video Maniacs recently expanded its porno section -- though I don't watch porno myself.

Here's the city trashcan on the corner of Sacramento and University -- right next to Video Maniacs. Also here's the 'button' that you press to walk across the sidewalk.