Long's Drugs


We needed to pick up some medicine, so it was off to Long's Drugs a few days back. I took these pictures, but got busy with other stuff. So, I don't have too good a memory of what it all was. Here's the checkout counter.
Here's one of those lottery machines you see all over California nowadays. Me, I'm too paranoid to gamble, so I never stick any money in. Just as well, I suppose. My grandmother used to play the lottery, and it seemed to me quite a worse bet than either slot machines or the horse races.
Here's the cold medicine aisle. Not particularly interesting, though I thought maybe in a few decades this shot might be interesting as the medicine types change.
One of the features is to check out the toilets around Berkeley. Long's Drugs has a toilet in back behind between the magazine rack and the light bulbs.
Actually, aside from the fact that the bathrooms are filled with boxes of junk, they turned out to be reasonbly clean. Here you can see the toilet with the handicapped rail. Here's the sink and mirror.
You pick up the prescriptions, like any other drug store in the USA, at a counter in the back.
They're currently doing some construction on the sign -- though that picture didn't come out so good. Here's a shot, though, of the phones, news stands and vending machine.
These guys have one of the bigger parking lots in this part of town. Here are some cars with a shopping cart holder. The other large parking lots around here are Andronico's Market and Safeway a block or so away.