Power failure in Berkeley 12/11/00

There was a power failure in Berkeley today at Andronico's Park and Shop on University. They tried turning on their generator, but it was smoking, and the fire department came by to see if it was a problem. When I got their I saw the fire truck raising it's ladder to the roof of the store. There were some guys up there looking at the roof, but I guess nothing was wrong since they left later.

I did talk to one of the checkers there about what they do during a power failure about all the frozen food and things. He said they put some kind of cover over all the meat and dairy. And, that according to their plan, they move the food to a refrigeration truck after so many hours. When I was there, they didn't have anyone in the store due to the fire department still checking out the place. But, the fire department left later, and I assume they'll be moving their meat to a truck if the power stays out. It's still out, over an hour later.

We all speculated that this might have something to do with the rotating blackouts they've been talking about doing for California. But I haven't seen anything about this in the media. It must have been a normal power problem. My house, which is nearby still has power. (And, so the website still has power.)