Won Thai Cuisine

MQ doesn't like most Asian, so she never goes to these kinds of places. But me, being of half-Japanese extraction occasionally feel the need to get some rice molecules in my bloodstream. So, the place where I go that's really near my house in Berkeley is Won Thai Cuisine on University Avenue.

Basically, my problem is I've become addicted to one dish they make. That is Chicken Him-Ma-Pan -- with a side of steamed rice. It's a very simple kind of stir fry plate with chicken, peppers, oil, and onions. I'm not sure what all goes into this, but I just plain like it. So much so that when I call and say I'm Cathryn, the friendly guy there comes back, "Aha, Cathryn. Chicken Him Ma Pan with Rice." I say, "yes," and then I pop over there in 15 minutes, by foot, and nab a Chinese food container with the magic substance in it. I always bring it home, and devour it all immediately -- like an illicit drug.

Of course, I imagine they have a wonderful menu of other stuff aside from this, but I've never tasted any of it. I'm just happy eating my usual thing. I have gone here with my friend CH, and she seemed pleased with whatever she ate at Won Thai Cuisine. I've never gone to the bathroom here, so I have no idea what they're like.

This building before being Won Thai was "Mother India", a not-so-great Indian Restaurant. And before that, long ago, it was a not-so-great Chinese Restaurant. Definately, Won Thai is the best restaurant that's been in this location since the early 80's, which is handy since it's less than two blocks from my house. It's kind of a weird Pepto Bismo Pink color, and sits in front of a motel, which it long ago was possibly part of.

The only thing I have to watch out here for is my diet. Lately I've been on the Jenny Craig which has cut back my restauranting somewhat.